Two Addressable Mistakes That Can Save Your App from Failing!

We’re all an amalgamation of exploratory experiences and mistakes, and app developers are no different. Even though app developers are highly influential and reflect great sense of knowledge in their area, they commonly make a number of mistakes that cannot be overlooked.

In the modern tech-advanced era, it is important to note that most of the industries and a greater part of the world depend largely on technology; specifically, applications. Therefore, it is critical to shed light on these two common mistakes app developer make and give little to no importance to, and thus they become the reason of their failure in the market.

Mistake # 01 – Not Building an MVP (minimum viable product)

The great enthusiasm that app builders show towards their work is highly appreciable. However, it is often not sensible to directly jump into the final build.

It is always recommendable to first build an MVP (minimum viable product) and then move towards the final product. This is just like pilot testing since this MVP will give a true sense of the performance of an application, its acceptance in the market and its chances of success.

Moreover, this will also highlight a number of loopholes to cover and work upon.

Let’s say, you are building an electric car. Even though you will have seats, radio system, GPS navigator and other fitting in the final product, you will have only a four-wheel structure with the desired engine and electrical functioning system in the prototype. This will clearly tell the functioning of the final product save a lot of effort, cost and material if the idea fails.

MVP is just the same as the above, and it must not be overlooked!

Mistake # 02 – Poor User Interface

Even though app developers work day and night to develop a fruitful application to be put to public use, they often pay less attention to the most important element of the application – the user interface.

Neglecting the user interface is one of the biggest blunders that an app developer makes, and must be avoided at all costs!

When a person downloads an application, there are certain expectations that are already there in their mind, and the first one is a user friendly interface. Surprisingly, a great majority of developers give little importance to this area, which becomes a primary reason for most people uninstalling the application after only a brief encounter.

For instance, if you buy a new mobile phone and its navigation keys are placed on top of the screen instead of the bottom where they commonly are at easiest reach – even though that won’t be wrong as a developer can design as per their wish – you will be frustrated and will no longer want to use the “weird” mobile phone. So is the case with an application! If it doesn’t support the expected and user friendly interface, it will fail.

If you learn to understand the little things that cause the greatest difference in the tech-world, you will never fail as an app developer. Pay attention to those itsy bitsy parts of your app, and you’re off to the skies!

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