Problems Faced by iOS Developers

Apple has always distinguished itself from other platforms for developing mobile apps since its founding in 2007. They create technology for a specific class, not for everyone. And for this reason alone, Apple users adore their iPhones. The company keeps releasing new iPhone devices with the newest and most cutting-edge technologies to satisfy user expectations. Apple keeps getting better. The iOS operating system has been widely adopted over the years on a variety of gadgets, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Apple nevertheless presents new opportunities and challenges for developers around the world with each new update. For example, up to these days in 2022, there are less than 30 GUI elements in the UIKIT, from which all apple apps are developed.

There are various different problems faced by iOS Developers when developing applications for iOS:

 High Quality of UX/UI

By virtue of its excellent UX and clean layout, iOS has become the platform of choice for users. Engineers must keep in mind the needs and viability of the end users when developing an iOS application. To make the functionality simple to understand, they must make sure the UI only includes the essential features. In order to create a UI/UX for an application that is intelligent and intuitive, developers should take current designs into consideration. The developers must maintain the integrity of the apps because Apple has always given its users products of the highest caliber, or else users won’t like them.

 Hardware and software Constraints

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create iOS applications can only be used on Macs, which presents the biggest challenge when creating them. To create an iOS application, a developer needs a Mac computer. This hardware restriction forces the developer to create on a specific platform, which increases the challenge. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Mac, and buying the latest generation can be quite expensive for new developers.

 Resource Management

An app only has a finite number of resources at its disposal, so it must use those resources as sparingly as possible. Examples of these resources include memory, CPU, and battery. This might cause the user to delete the app from their device or give it negative reviews, which could have an impact on how well-liked the app is in the App Store. The app shouldn’t have any significant bugs, and it shouldn’t have any extraneous code in order to make the best use of resources. The emphasis should be placed on checking the app and swiftly fixing bugs. Sometimes, in order to make an app compatible with both low-end and high-end devices, developers must create two variants of the same app. This might lengthen the process and raise prices.

 Passing Quality Assurance

Apple has established precise requirements that an app must adhere to and is very stringent about the performance standards for apps in the App Store. If an app experiences any significant lags or runs erratically, it may be rejected. Apple places a high priority on user satisfaction, so it is possible that the app will be discarded from the App Store if it runs slowly, is unresponsive, or contains significant bugs. Every app must have metadata, such as screenshots, videos, and descriptions, that describes what the app does. The app shouldn’t contain any objectionable material, such as that which encourages the use of illegal drugs, violence, or any restricted content. If the app is intended for children, neither third-party analytics nor third-party advertising is permitted. The app needs to have a good user interface that is not overly complicated for users. The layout must have the correct padding and margins and should be visually appealing. The app’s overly complicated interface should not negatively impact the user experience. Finally, the app will be rejected if it is simply a copy of another app in the App Store because it lacks original content.

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